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Sun Mar 10 - FINAL
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8.1 All teams must submit their team roster on the Hockey Manitoba form to the Regional Registrar and a copy to the League Commissioner no later than 24 hours prior to their first league game.


8.2 Each member team shall be permitted to have no more than 25 players on their roster at any given time, two of which must be goaltenders.


8.3 It is the individual team’s responsibility to ensure a player has been properly registered prior to him participating in a league game. Failure to comply will result in an automatic game forfeiture and a $100 fine.


8.4 Additions / Deletions to rosters must be submitted to the Hockey Manitoba Regional Registrar and the League Commissioner no later than 24 hours before any game involving personnel changes.


8.5 Final rosters, consisting of a maximum 25 players, including 2 goaltenders must be submitted to the Commissioner by 12:00 p.m. on January 15 each year. No changes to the roster will be permitted after 12:00 p.m., January 15.


8.6 Affiliation list consisting of 10 skaters and a minimum of 1 goal tender, must be submitted to the Commissioner by 12:00 p.m. on January 15 each year.


8.7 Teams can only affiliate in accordance with hockey Canada / Hockey Manitoba Rules.


8.8 Any player being released or transferred from another team must obtain a written release by January 10. If a release in the proper manner is not deemed to have been obtained, the player will be ineligible to play in the THHL.


8.9 Failure to follow the proper procedures or meet deadlines will result in the player being ineligible to play in the THHL for the balance of the season, including the play-offs.


8.10 All players must play seven (7) league games to be eligible for the post season. The only exception is affiliated players.


8.11 Whenever a player is affected by the above rule due to sickness or injury, the player can appeal to the President. The appeal must be accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate and must be filed prior to the play-offs.


8.12 Any coach, trainer, safety or equipment personnel shall be allowed on the bench as long as they are registered properly with Hockey Manitoba.





9.1 The start times of all THHL games are to be no later than 8:30 p.m.


9.2 It is the responsibility of the home team to supply the pucks for warm ups.


9.3 Teams are to wear white sweaters at home and dark sweaters for away games.


9.4 The responsibility lies on the teams of the THHL to report any Constitution violation to the Executive.


9.5 A game can be started if either team does not have the required 10 players listed on the game sheet. In the event 10 players have not participated by the end of the game, the team will be fined $200 for the first offence and will loose their bond for all subsequent offences. The fine will be awarded to the competing team to a maximum of $200. In the event of a goaltender being late, he shall be allowed a 5 minute warm up.


9.6 Overtime, consisting of one 5 minute sudden victory period, with each team using 3 skaters, will be played during the regular season. This overtime shall immediately follow a 2 minute rest at the conclusion of the third period with teams retaining the same end of the rink. A team will receive one point for a tie if the game is lost in overtime.


9.7 If still tied after 5 minutes, a shoot-out shall take place. 3 shooters from each team shall be reported to the referee. They shall shoot in turn with the home team having the option of shooting first or second. If still tied after 3 shooters, a sudden-death format shall take place. When a sudden-death shoot-out format is required, each team will have had an equal number of scoring opportunities. The original 3 shooters from each team are not eligible to shoot again until each player on the bench has had a shot. Shoot-out scoring shall not count in the player statistics. Two (2) points shall be awarded for the shoot-out win and one (1) point for a shoot-out loss.


9.7 Overtime, consisting of 20 minute sudden victory periods, will be played during the playoffs until such time as a winner has been determined. A re-surfacing shall precede all overtime play.


9.8 If a game is cancelled due to weather conditions, notice must be given by 4:00 P.M. on game day to the Referee-in-chief, the President and the opposing team.


9.9 If a team wishes to postpone a game for a reason other than weather or death (immediate family of a player or coach) then the team must have agreement from the opposition team and the League President at least 72 hours prior to game time. The team wishing to postpone must contact all media to inform the public about the postponement. Teams failing to report to the Referee-in-chief and the President will be fined a minimum of $100.


9.10 Games that are postponed or cancelled must be rescheduled within 3 days and played before the end of the regular season schedule. Only the home team is allowed to reschedule games.


9.11 Each team shall make it known to their fans that there is to be no abuse of players, coaches, team executive or officials at the rink. It is the home team’s responsibility to deal with bothersome fans and the referee has the authority to stop the game until the matter is taken care of.


9.12 Teams are responsible for the behaviour of their players and fans at all times. The onus for damage to a dressing room, etc. will be solely on that team. The restitution cost will be on the team and a suspension (if the person is a player or team executive) will also be implemented.


9.13 In the event of ties in the League standings at season’s end, the following criteria will be used to determine the final placings.

1 st tie breaker - team with highest winning %.

2 nd tie breaker - winner of the season series between the tied teams.


9.14 The referring system used shall be a three person system during the regular season and playoffs, using local linesman during the regular season whenever possible.


9.15 All referee fees are to be paid to the referees by the home team after the completion of the second period of the game.


9.16 Reimbursement of expenses will be determined by the Governing Body at the semi-annual meeting in September.





10.1 The THHL playoff structure shall be determined at the semi-annual meeting in September.


10.2 The length of each playoff round shall be determined at the September meeting.


10.3 The date that the rounds have to be completed by will be determined by the President. The dates and times will be established by the teams involved prior to the start of each series.







  10 Minute Misconduct - accumulation of three will result in a one game suspension. Suspension will be doubled with each additional misconduct penalty.



  Game Misconduct - accumulation of two will result in a minimum one game suspension. Suspension to double with each additional such penalty. This excludes game misconducts received from fighting majors, which are covered under the instigator and aggressor guidelines of the Hockey Manitoba constitution, regulations and rules of competition.



  Gross Misconduct and Match Penalties - minimum suspensions for these infractions are ruled on by Hockey Manitoba. The Commissioner shall have the authority to extend any suspension handed down by Hockey Manitoba.



  Any team involved in an altercation where players leave the bench to participate - as determined by the referee - shall be fined a minimum of $100 per individual, with a maximum of $500 per team.



  In regular season play, any player with a total penalty minutes of 100 will receive a one game suspension, as well as two additional game suspensions for each 25 minutes of consecutive penalties. These suspensions will be served in the following regularly scheduled or playoff scheduled game.



  Check from Behind / Head Check / High Hit (minor penalties) - accumulation of 2 - one game suspension.



  Fighting - accumulation of 3 - one game suspension. Suspension doubles with each additional fighting major penalty.



  If any player receives any additional game misconducts from Hockey Manitoba as the result of accumulating game misconducts in one game, the league will recognize the assessed game misconducts by the game official for suspension proposed by the league. (Rule 30 B Hockey Manitoba).





12.1   10 Minute Misconduct - as per Article 11.1


12.2   Game Misconduct - as per Article 11.2


12.3   Gross Misconduct and Match Penalties - as per Article 11.3


12.4 Articles 11.4, 11.6, 11.7 and 11.8 are all applicable to the playoff misconducts and suspensions.





13.1 Hockey Manitoba rules will govern all games in the league or playoffs except as per changes in the THHL Constitution.


12.2 All league suspensions must be served in THHL games and playoffs.


12.3 Suspended players must be listed on the game sheet and designated suspended (SP). SP to be given credit for missing the game. Suspended players cannot participate in any games, be in or near the players’ bench or dressing room or take part in the pre-game warm-up.


12.4 Suspensions as a result of infractions in the Provincials or Allan Cup competition will apply to league games as well.


12.5 Accumulated game misconducts from the same game must be served in the player’s next game / games. In other words, a player receiving two game misconducts in the same stoppage of play is automatically suspended for the next game. (Hockey Manitoba guidelines)


12.6 All suspensions incurred during the regular season and playoff games and not completed by the end of the season will be carried over to the start of next season. A list of such suspended players shall be submitted to Hockey Manitoba by the league Commissioner.





14.1 Game sheets shall be in duplicate and completed in black ink. Top copy goes to the home team and the second copy to the visiting team.


14.2 Game sheets must be faxed or e-mailed to both the league Statistician and Commissioner within 2 hours of the completion of the game. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine.


14.3 Game results must be phoned to the various league media within one hour of the completion of the game. It is the responsibility of the home team to make the calls.


14.4 An altered or tampered game sheet will result in both a fine and suspension. This is a very serious offence and will be handled as such.


14.5 Statistics of all games will be kept by the league statistician. It will be his responsibility to maintain the league website as to keep the teams and media informed on a regular basis.





15.1 The THHL Championship Trophy shall be awarded to league Playoff winner.


15.2 The Blaine Jarvis Memorial Trophy will be presented to the MVP of the THHL playoffs.


15.3 A Championship Banner will be presented to the winner of the league playoffs.


15.4 Teams are responsible for all league trophies awarded to their team or their players. Damaged or lost trophies will be entirely at the expense of the team that had the trophy in their care.